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We present editorial solutions for you to safely carry out the submission process of your manuscripts to journals indexed in  international databases.

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Our focus is to strengthen your academic and professional curriculum through publications, especially those in internationally indexed journals.

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Let us help you to be able to achieve your personal and professional goals with an ongoing, growing, and internationally qualified publication.

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A Wide Variety Of Universities And Institutes

Our clients’ testimonials demonstrate the diversity of our solutions that meet the needs and enhance the objectives of authors of the most diverse nationalities, areas of knowledge, and academic and scientific ties.

We Deliver The Best Publishing Solutions
For Every Client's Needs

More and more, we are incorporating into our processes and publishing solutions features that were previously only accessible to a few. Thus, we hope to expand the practice of scientific and academic writing with internationally indexed publication.

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Solid experience

Our founders have been working with publishing solutions and services since 2009, as editors of scientific and academic journals in several Brazilian universities.

Communications expertise

Our team works to develop and maintain a humanizing and supportive communication with our prospects and clients, overcoming the challenges of access barriers for authors of the most diverse nationalities to internationally indexed publications.

Professional team

We work to organically build and develop a community in which all its members (management, employees, prospects, leads, and customers) realize that there is more that unites us in this life than the publication of academic and scientific manuscripts.


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